• February 5, 2022

Trusted Online Slots

Trusted online slot games are classified into 3 types, namely:

1. Classic Slot

Classic slot is a slot gambling game that uses a lever to rotate the real. Called classic slot because it is a machine that was first created to play slot games. Classic slots are very simple to play. To win the game in classic slots, you only need to match 3 pictures and my boss immediately gets the jackpot. There are not many elements either. Usually only in the form of numbers and fruits. In its era, this classic slot was very famous.

2. Video Slot

Video slots are the forerunner of online slot gambling games that we can now find in casinos and on online gambling platforms today. With a more attractive appearance than classic slots, accompanied by graphics and sound effects that accompany the game, video slots are more attractive to online slot gambling players. Made with flash technology and HTML5. Video slots use an RNG (Random Number Generator) system which ensures fair play. There are also many symbols and elements such as SCATTER, WILD and FREE GAMES.

3. Progressive Jackpot Slot

Progressive jackpot slots are online slot gambling games that attract a small percentage of the spin results and collect them into large jackpot coffers. This technique is very successful and a lot of slot players are chasing progressives. The number of progressive slot jackpots can reach billions of rupiah because every second the jackpot number continues to grow. Getting the progressive jackpot is like winning the lottery. Maybe my boss got the jackpot!

at joker688 SLOT, all of our slot games have progressive jackpots. Don’t say it’s impossible! In this world nothing is impossible. Believe me, there was once how our members got jackpots of up to hundreds of millions of rupiah at JOKER SLOT. Who knows today is my boss’s lucky day. The winrate on our website also proved to be great. 90% is already above average. Every joker slot player expects to get a progressive jackpot. And the bigger the RTP (Return to Players) the bigger the chance for my boss to get a jackpot with a fantastic value.

Spin at us is also cheap, really only hundreds of silver but can potentially get hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah! We also have many other prizes that my boss can get without having to enter the lottery. For example, cellphones, gold, motorbikes, cars, gifts, trips, and many more! The conditions are very easy. Only by chasing reward points and monthly turnover, my boss can take all our prizes. So play on JOKER SLOT! We are not a cans agent!

Judi Casino Online

In addition to online slot gambling, JOKER SLOT also excels in its online casino products . By playing online gambling on the JOKER SLOT platform, my boss is connected directly to the casino provider without intermediaries. That’s why my boss doesn’t need to doubt that any winnings will be paid here. We are here with the best providers for live casino products, namely:

1. Casino Online EBET

EBET Casino was founded in 2012 and is known as Asia’s top leading iGaming which supplies a variety of online casino games. Trusted by millions of players throughout Asia. EBET has received many awards from its casino products that support various multi-platforms such as IOS, Android, Mac, Windows and others. All live casino games are available on EBET.

2. Casino Online Playtech

Playtech Casino was the pioneer of the first iGaming maker that was so hefty that it took the floor on the london stock exchange. Founded in 1999 and currently dominates the online casino market worldwide. especially in Europe, America and Asia. Playtech has many products other than live casino such as online slots and player vs player games.

3. Casino Online Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is very famous in Indonesia for its slot games. But as the company grows, Pragmatic also focuses on online live casino products. Live casino at Pragmatic is arguably very advanced and unique. By prioritizing mobile and tablet users, Pragmatic creates a casino playing experience with VR (Virutal Reality) so that players can experience an experience like playing in a real casino.

4. Casino Online OG Plus

Oriental Game / OG Plus is a live casino company currently focused on developing mobile platforms. OG Plus is arguably very fast growing and has become a well-known gaming company in Asia. With an official license from PAGCOR, OG Plus combines technology and professionalism in the online casino field which makes the company grow very rapidly.

5. Casino Online N2-Live

N2-Live is an igaming company that focuses on online live casino products. Founded in 2013 and adopting live streaming technology, N2-Live has become the best in the field of mobile gaming solutions. Headquartered in the Philippines, N2-Live also has casino studios in Malaysia, Vietnam and Europe. Currently, N2-Live can be said to be in the top 100 igaming companies in the world.

6. Casino Online ION

ION Casino or the abbreviation of Interactive Online Network Casino is an online casino pioneer that emphasizes multiplayer and interactive games. Present on various IOS and Android mobile platforms, the name ION casino is very well known in Asia for its live roulette, baccarat, sicbo and dragon tiger games.

7. Casino Online VIVO Gaming

VIVO Gaming casino is an igaming company that uses HTML5 technology in its live dealer software. With superior casino games such as live roulette, baccarat, craps, sicbo, blackjack, dragon tiger, poker and other table gambling games, every player can choose his favorite game and experience the best playing in the world. VIVO gaming is present in multi-platform services, especially mobile IOS and Android.

8. SBOBET Online Casino

SBOBET Casino is a very well-known gaming company worldwide. Holds 2 licenses from Philippines PAGCOR and Europe Isle of Man to operate as an International Sportsbook and Live Casino. SBOBET offers all types of online betting games and is a top 10 nominee gaming company worldwide.

9. Casino Online Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is a leading live casino company that has succeeded in becoming an online live casino operator on a digital platform. Evolution gaming offers not only live casino games but also a unique and fun gaming experience. By prioritizing the number one service, Evolution gaming believes it will be a leader in the world of igaming. Live casino games at Evolution are complete such as baccarat, roulette, sicbo, blackjack and carps. There is also poker and Megaball lottery.

10. Casino Online XPG (Xprogaming)

Xprogaming or XPG for short is a live casino provider company that offers flexible casino games. Has been known throughout the world with a variety of live casino games. By having 3 major studios in Bulgaria, Moldova, Using the most advanced and professional equipment, XPG provides an exciting and fun experience for its players.

11. Online Casino IN Gaming

SA Gaming is the number one entertainment company in Asia that offers casino games on one platform. Combining art and technology, SA Gaming is very focused on baccarat and other live casino games. SA gaming prioritizes fairplay and trust in each of its casino products. It is evident from the many awards it has received as Asia Platform Provider of the Year (Malta Gaming Awards) and Live Casino of the Year (IGA 2020).

12. Casino Online HO Gaming

HO Gaming is a casino company operating in Macau for a very long time and very experienced. The development of the world into the digital era has made HO gaming also follow the existing trend by prioritizing mobile gaming platforms for 15 years and continue to provide satisfying experiences to all players. Live casino games available include Baccarat (traditional), Baccarat (non-commission), Roulette, Blackjack, Dragon Tiger and Sicbo.

13. Casino Online Sexy Gaming

Sexy Gaming is an online casino provider that focuses on live baccarat games. With the appeal of using a beautiful and sexy live dealer, Sexy gaming provides an exciting and satisfying gaming experience. Sexy gaming understands that 90% of live casino players are men. Therefore, Sexy gaming really emphasizes its existence in the best service line.

14. Casino Online GamePlay

Gameplay is the largest igaming company focusing in many areas such as online slots and live dealer casino. By following the times and prioritizing the playing experience, GamePlay was the first to create an open-card playing experience in a live baccarat game called Baccarat Cinematic.

15. Casino Online M88

M88 or Mansion88 is the largest live dealer casino provider in Southeast Asia based in the Philippines. In addition to live casino, M88 also serves sports betting and soccer betting. Casino games are also complete such as baccarat, roulette, sicbo, dragon tiger, blackjack and many others.

16. Casino Online IDN Live

IDN live is an online casino company whose name is very well known in Indonesia. Starting with its success in the world of poker (IDN POKER), IDN penetrated into the world of casinos and became the most complete. Starting from sicbo, roulette, baccarat, fantan and some old school / classic casino games that only exist in Indonesia.

17. Casino Online WM

WM Casino or World Match is not only an online slot game specialist, but also this gambling provider has the best casino products which certainly have very good playing security features. WM casino also provides a selection of the best gaming products from the casino, such as baccarat, blackjack, dragon tiger, sic bod and also online roulette.

18. Casino Online Dream Gaming

Dream Gaming comes with several variations of online casino gambling games that can give you a sense of playing like in a real casino. Players also have the opportunity to win big profits through these casino games from Dream Gaming.

19. Casino Online Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming Platform was founded in 2012 and has become very popular among many players since then. We are committed to research and development in providing players with a unique gaming experience.

20. Casino Online Allbet

Allbet is an online casino gaming platform with the advantage of providing varied exotic rooms with complete features in each type of online casino game. Explore your best casino experience from Allbet.

Casino gambling games have always been classics. That’s all – that’s all the games that gamblers like, namely:

  1. Roulette
  2. Baccarat
  3. Sicbo
  4. Dragon Tiger
  5. so fan
  6. Blackjack

The good thing is playing online gambling on our site, my boss is free to choose the place where my boss wants to play. If my boss has been to a casino, he will understand how difficult it is to enter a casino. have to wait in line to check passports, dress neatly and so on. We understand safety and comfort are paramount. Therefore, JOKER SLOT is committed to being the best online casino site in Indonesia. Now all the biggest casinos in the world are in the hands of my boss.