• April 21, 2022
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The Fastest Tutorial to Play Dragon Tiger Online

In how to play dragon tiger there are several things that I will explain, understand the explanation of this article well then you will be able to directly bet on the online gambling table.

Some of the points that I will discuss are as follows:

1. Card Tier Explanation
2. History Board Explanation
3. Explanation of Winning Percentage Column
4. Chip Explanation
5. Bet Type Guide

Without further ado, we will immediately discuss all these points briefly and clearly, as follows:.

1. Card Tier Explanation

According to my explanation above, the Dragon Tiger game uses playing cards without a joker. In the card, of course, has a level or card value.

For the arrangement with the highest to lowest card values, in the Dragon Tiger game, it is as follows:

King has a value of 13 is the highest value.

Queen has a value of 12.
Jack means 11.
Card 10 has a value of 10.
Cards 9 to 1(ace) have a value according to the number.

Of course, it’s not enough just to understand the level of the card if you want to play dragon tiger, let’s go on to the next point.

2. History Board Explanation

If you have entered the Dragon Tiger Asia 999 Casino game, there is a history column that explains the history of rounds or wins. In the column it says D (dragon), T (tie or draw) in green, T (tiger) in blue. All game history in the previous few rounds is clearly written in the history column.

3. Explanation of Winning Percentage Column

This column describes the winning percentage between dragon, tie or tiger during a round with the same dealer. It is clearly written the number calculated as a percentage in the column.

4. Chip Explanation

In online dragon tiger betting, the tool used to bet is called a chip. How to get the chip? When you make a deposit at an official Dewisport agent, the value of the deposit will be replaced with a chip.
The value of the number on the chip is written, such as: 10,000, which means the chip’s value is Rp. 10,000, 100K which has an exchange rate of Rp. 100,000,-

5. Bet Type Guide

In how to play dragon tiger, there are several types of bets that you can place, I will discuss these points in detail.

A. Dragon Bet

Dragon betting means that you favor the dragon card to win over the tiger. If the dragon wins, you will get a 1:1 win without any tax deductions.

B.Tiger Bet

Tiger bet means you choose a tiger card. If the tiger wins the bet, you will win and will get a bet value of 1:1 without tax.

C. Tie bet

Tie bet means that you choose to draw or draw so the value of the dragon and tiger cards is the same. If your choice is correct, you will get a 1:8 win without tax deductions.

D. Odd Bet (Odd)

Odd bets mean that you choose odd numbers, there is a choice of 2 odd columns in dragon and tiger, please choose which one you prefer.

E. Bet Even (Even)

Even betting means that you choose an even number, please choose you to place in the dragon or tiger column.

F. Big Bets

This big bet means that you choose the numbers 8-13, you can place it in the dragon or tiger column.

G. Small Bet

This Small Bet means that you bet on numbers 1-7, you can choose the dragon or tiger bet column.