• July 21, 2022

The Best Way to Win Small Bet Online and Free Poker Tournaments Freeroll

In order to make a profit in small stakes and free poker tournaments, you have to adopt a certain strategy. This is because the blind structure and behavior of the competition you get is different from online tournaments with higher entry fees.

Blind Structure

Blinds increase rapidly in most free online poker tournaments and this is especially true for freerolls. Due to this fact, you should always be aware of your chip stack relative to the blinds .

If your total chip count falls below tenfold, you should look for opportunities to move all of them. Moving all should not be a favored tactic in small stakes and freeroll matches if done at the right time and at the right time.

It’s good to push all your chips in the middle when you are short on chips and have a fairly strong starting hand. An ace definitely deserves to be raced.

You may also consider pushing with any pair if neither has entered the pot yet. This is because of the first power concept; more people will tend to fold when they haven’t invested anything into the pot.

The exception to this advice about dealing with blind structures is when you are playing in an immersive free poker tournament where you are given a large number of chips to start with. If you have a lot of chips to start with, you should feel more comfortable with waiting for stronger starting hands to start playing.

The curtains will rise quickly, but it will take longer for them to eat up most of your pile. You may not go down ten times the big blind until deep in the tournament.


Outrageous bluffs do have their place in online poker, but this is not the case for small stakes and freeroll free poker tournaments.

Bluffing doesn’t work well. You have to be ready for the fight on the river. This is not to say that you shouldn’t bluff. You should, but your cards and blind structure should determine how you play to a large extent.

Sometimes, there will be opportunities to bluff. For example, if everyone checks you on the flop and you’re the last to act, you might take a small pot by throwing bets. However, if one or more players call you, you should play the turns and the river more carefully.

It’s also hard to pick up real stories from observing a particular player unless you’ve faced a few players before in cash games or poker tournaments before. Yet even with that prior knowledge, it can be very difficult to pick up any true stories on players.

The virtual world of free online poker makes it difficult to know when someone is bluffing or not. You can’t read their eye or hand movements. The only thing that can underlie your impression is how they played their hands. That being said, you can earn more money by figuring out who the maniacs at the table are and who are the rocks.

Maniacs will play almost any hand at any time. They may also often move all-in. When you have a very strong hand against a maniac, you should slow it down to think you are weak and try to take as many chips from that maniac as possible.

For rocks at the table that play passively and will only bet on strong hands, you should mix it up a bit with them. If they check you out, you have to bet because there is a high chance they will fold. Winning a few pots of stone can help you to slowly increase the size of your chip stack and potentially help you stay ahead of increasing blinds.