• July 21, 2022

Poker Tournaments For Beginners

As the game of Poker is scaling to new heights, the casinos and resorts where the game is played along with the media leave no opportunity untouched for more contemporary benefits. This can be seen from the increase in the number of poker tournaments.

Since the last decade there have been a large number of poker tournaments held at the national level. Poker games are heavily played in these tournaments- Seven Card Stud, Seven Card High Low, Omaha Hold ‘Em and Texas Hold ‘Em, community poker etc.

Poker tournaments can be of different types. For a fighting tournament for example – where the table with the players is not eliminated but continues to be there until one player emerges victorious. Unlike for this is an elimination tournament is a game starting with all players having the same number of chips and extending until one player manages to get all the chips. Here the table is deleted and at the end one table is left. Everyone who stays in the game until the last table gets some kind of reward to appreciate. Such tournaments do not have re-buys but ‘Re-buy’ tournaments provide an opportunity to re-buy chips after they are all gone. Chips to be purchased by paying extra money. So the game continues for a long time and there is a small chance of being separated from the game.

In addition there are also satellite games in several areas of the United States such as Las Vegas. This tournament involves a group of people who collect and each place in a portion of his money. Lucky winners get a good amount (even more than a million dollars) to invest in expensive big-scale other important tournaments.

Usually the prize money for poker tournaments comes from entry fees. These fees are most commonly known as ‘process receipts from parties in’ fees. Sometimes money flows from external sources or institutions. But this amount will be invested to buy invitations only. The buy-in fetches you a calculated number of chips to start your game with. These chips act as your ‘play money’. Play money can be re-purchased only in ‘re-buy’ tournaments.

Bets on this tournament can be of three types:

· Structured Betting – bets can only be of a certain amount

· Semi structured bets – bets can vary to a certain extent and no more than that.

· Non structured bets – there are no fixed limits for betting. It is at the discretion of the player to bet as much as he wants.

Then there are two basic strategies to decide who will be the winner – Fixed Winning and Proportional Winning. The former are those in which the organization holding the previous tournament decided on the winner. While in both the winners are calculated proportionally. This is divided between the remaining players at the end in proportion to the amount of play money each has accumulated during the game.

The increasing popularity of the game and the increasing number of tournaments have attracted players from all over the world. It is because of the amount of water that attracts and the mouth that one gets to win the tournament that women as well as celebrities also want to try their luck.
So do you want to be a part of the world of poker!