• February 17, 2022

Online Slot Machine Game Guide

You want to start playing online slot machine games because they appeal to you or just because you want to win real money to kick it out. It is precisely for this reason that we decided to make this area full of useful information to get you ready for your first round.

What drives most online gambling lovers no doubt is the desire to win and bring home a good nest egg without too much effort. Before jumping right into a game you might not know very well, it’s a good idea to ask about it.

Online Slot Machine Game Guide
A very popular phenomenon on the Web slot, everyone is talking about it and more and more people are loving it: they are slot machines! But how do the new online machines work? If you are new to this field and want to find out before you venture into the world of online slot casinos or if you are already a regular player, but want to learn more about how slot machines work, here is an informative article. Sort of a guide to learn more about what’s behind VLTs and how they were born.

Slot operation
Before getting into the current slot machines that we find today on many online casino sites, Italian and non, it is advisable to make a historical excursus to get a clear picture of the background that led to the birth and success that resulted from slots. self.

The origin
The origins of slot machines, as we often call them Italians, date back more than a century, with the invention of the first Liberty Bell, made by Charles Fey, a German who emigrated to the United States in the late nineteenth century.

The Liberty Bell is a mechanical gaming machine invented in 1887 based on the very popular game of poker, which made it possible to play in a fully automated manner for the first time in history. The “Liberty Bell” slot features three reels and only 6 symbols: diamonds, hearts, spades, horseshoes, stars and a split Liberty Bell. Liberty Bell’s grand prize was a fruit-flavoured gum; this explains the birth of the first Fruit Machine. Hence also the correlation with the symbols on the reels representing fruit, symbols that are still used today in online slot machines.

Prizes were not initially paid in cash to avoid prosecution as gambling was then banned in the United States. To activate the reel it is necessary to push the side lever down and the player wins according to the symbols they manage to get. Imagine the highest payout of 50 cents could be achieved with a combination of three Liberty Bells.

From mechanics to electricity
In 1963, Bally Technologies, the Software House that most passionate players will surely know, created the first electromechanical slot, Money Honey. Mechanical parts are completely replaced with electric ones. What’s the point of knowing this to understand how slot machines work? Knowing how machines are born helps to understand the function of slot machines which give prizes in the first place.

In fact, these power slots make it possible to place bets with more coins and consequently to get higher wins. Since then slots have started to gain popularity and more and more colorful and fun machines have been created to entertain those who will enjoy them in the most enjoyable way possible.