• July 21, 2022

Online Shopping: The Good, The Bad

Hello in the internet world, are you busy? Not now, but in general. You probably – everyone – and this leads to a problem in the costume department: that we don’t have enough time to catch up and shop.
Fortunately, the internet has helped in this regard, we no longer have to find the time to go downtown, walk around the store, pick it up and try it out, then stand in line, pay for our products, and then go home (- what said, quite difficult to write it, let alone do it!). Yes, luckily we don’t have to do this anymore because the internet is a 24/7 mall that takes a little time to find what we are looking for.
Apart from the convenience factor, there are many reasons to shop online, for example:
• Time saver: It takes less time to shop online than to shop in the real world. No queues, no annoying cashiers who have really slow days, and no shoppers messing with (-oh, and stealing the last thing you want to buy) .
• You can narrow your search and search for what you want. For example, if you need size 6 high heels made by a specific brand, just enter this search term and press Enter. This returns a list of the shoes you want. You can’t do this in a real world shoe store; This is for sure!
• Price: As we said, online prices are much cheaper, but this is not the only area where you will save money. If you drive to your mall then you can save on gas and parking; If you take the bus then you can save on the bus fare.
• No more sore feet: you can sit on the couch and browse through your entire collection of clothes and shoes. If you go to the mall, you can walk two miles on a shopping trip, round and round! Sure, it’s been a long shopping trip, but it happened (speaking from experience).
There are a few issues, but they are easy to resolve:
• Scaling: You haven’t been able to try on your clothes or shoes online (though if they find a dedicated printer that can print proton, neutron, and electron suits, we might get one someday!). Due to this reason, you may face problems when your clothes arrive. When you find the store of your choice, you can check review sites to see if the size is accurate or larger or smaller than standard, then buy accordingly. If clothes arrive and don’t fit, no problem; You simply return it and buy the next size up or down. It’s a bit tedious, but relatively rare.
• You can’t tell if a style is right for you until the clothes arrive, because you can’t try them on. In a real-world shoe store, you can put on a shoe and really see how it fits, if it fits you, and if it looks good. Again, this is easily solved by returning the item and getting a refund.
Most online stores offer a return policy for this possibility, so this shouldn’t be a problem.