• January 31, 2022
Introduction and Guide to How to Play Online Boxing Gambling

Introduction and Guide to How to Play Online Boxing Gambling

Boxing, commonly known as boxing, is one of the most popular sports in Indonesia. Now the development of the internet makes online gambling sites provide online boxing gambling. So, from that, the admin made an Introductory article and a Guide to How to Play this Online Boxing Gambling. There are conditions and types of bets that the admin will describe below.

Introduction to Online Boxing Gambling

Online boxing gambling is a little different from other online sports betting. Well, it differs from the https://gilbert202.com/ conditions to the type of bet. What are the conditions and types of bets? Listen below.

Terms of Playing Online Boxing Gambling

The following are the provisions that exist in playing online boxing gambling. What is it, see below:

  • The match starts the moment the judges bell rings.
  • The duration of each match round is 3 minutes. 90 seconds is used to determine the Half Round on the Over or Under market.
  • If there is a change in the number of rounds, then all over under bets will be declared void.
  • In the Head to Head bet type, if the match ends in a draw, then all bets are declared void.
  • If there is a change of boxer in a match, then bets are declared void.