• July 21, 2022

Horse Betting – Some Key Basics For Beginners

Horse betting is one of the most challenging activities for someone with a penchant for gambling. Those addicted to this activity spend hours betting on horses, inhibiting races, and researching racing methods. However, if you are a beginner, you will find horse betting quite confusing. But once you get used to the system, betting on horses is a simple pleasure.

Here are some basics about Horse Betting that will get you started.

Starting Horse Betting

Starting a bet and knowing how much money to place is an initial challenge that beginners face. First, it is important to know the types of bets that are circulating.

Win – The word ‘win’ means picking the horse you hope to win the race. If the horse wins, you win the bet.

Place – When you place a bet on a ‘place’, the horse must finish first or second. Even if your bet is less than ‘win’ it is still a good Horse Bet.

Show – ‘Show’ is a conservative bet when the horse finishes first, second, or third. It’s a profitable bet, if chosen wisely. Online football betting

Across the board – Here you place bets on all three positions. You are lucky, if the horse wins, because you collect the spoils from all three bets. If the charger finishes second, you show the bet and collect the ‘place’. If the stallion finishes third, the rules allow you to only collect show bets.

Once you get used to the above, it’s up to you to decide your  risk appetite. However, it is wise to keep a fixed amount set aside for Horse Betting, and not to bet on money you want to take home.

Some Exotic Online Bets

There are many exotic forms of betting that are more complex than the basic ‘win’, ‘place’ and ‘show’. Here are some examples.

Exacta – Here you choose the first and second place in that order. Playing in multiple combinations is a very popular mode.

Quinella – Quinella’s rule is that you have to choose the horse that finishes first and second. You win the bet if one of the horses finishes first, or second.

Daily double – Here you have to choose the horse that won two races in a row. The rules allow multiple combinations. That is, you win if each horse wins one of the races in a row.

Superfecta – In Horse Betting, superfecta means that you choose the horse that finishes first, second, third, and fourth, in that order.

Some people believe that understanding the horse racing system is a boost, and some magic formulas exist for making quick money with handicap and Horse Betting. The fact is, betting on horses is tricky and takes practice, and a little intuition. There is an axiom that says – all systems work well for a period, and then profits start to fall. You may spend most of your life betting on horseback, but it’s still red. The key to success is mastering the mental game to be a winner in Horse Betting.

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