• July 21, 2022

Blackjack – One of the Most Liked Casino Table Games

That’s right. Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in all the Casinos. Simply walk through the table game area and notice how many blackjack tables there are compared to the rest. That is because it is an easy game to play and with the right strategy, a player can gain an advantage against the dealer, or at least reduce the dealer’s advantage.

How does an online casino player achieve this ? Well the first thing is you need a good strategy. This strategy is very basic but very important for success at the blackjack table. Here are some simple rules that you should always follow;

1) Always assume the dealer’s down card is a 10. This plays out probabilities, or odds. This also means if a dealer shows a 5 or 6, then the chances of busting are very high. You want to stand on whatever you can break and hit whatever you don’t want to break. This includes an Ace and a 6 which gives you a 7 or 17. This is referred to as a soft seventeen. Double this and watch your money grow, not every time, but more than not.

2) Never play with hunches or hunches. This will ruin the table for you and your fellow players. Chances are a much more accurate indication than a hunch.

3) Know when to hit, stand, split and double. So often what to do depends on the dealer’s hand as well as yours. In blackjack, it is very important that you follow the right blackjack strategy. You should learn these blackjack strategy rules, or get a blackjack strategy card. If a player tells you a blackjack strategy card was developed by the house to increase the house advantage, and they won’t play with it, get up and move to a different blackjack table. They will suck your pockets empty for the casino. Casinos love this type of player.

There are many other important strategies that can, and should be developed in conjunction with game strategy. They include, but are not limited to how to choose a winning table, what type of players you want to have at your table (don’t sit down if other players aren’t using the right strategy), how to count cards and how to get a dealer to help you (you have to give tip to dealer even if you lose they provide service to you). Find other resources on this subject and educate yourself. Your favorite sports team can’t win without a complete game plan, and neither can you!