• April 24, 2022
A Guide to How to Play Cockfighting Online for Beginners

A Guide to How to Play Cockfighting Online for Beginners

Hello friends, welcome back. In accordance with the title above, I will discuss how to play cockfighting online along with some tips. So for those of you who like to bet online cockfighting gambling. You can see how to play cockfighting along with tips to make it easy to win. And for beginners I also recommend reading this article to become a professional online cockfighting gambler. So that you can easily get big profits in this game.

Actually, this cockfighting game is actually just an ordinary game that is often done in Indonesia as a spectacle or entertainment. But even so there are spectators who take the opportunity to make it a bet. So that makes this game known in Indonesia as a medium for gambling.

So that the news of this cockfighting gambling was heard by the police in Indonesia, who made many places maxbet indonesia or regions that provide cockfighting bets to be raided by the police. However, we all know that the Indonesian government strictly prohibits all types of gambling, including cockfighting. So that it makes cockfighting gamblers no longer comfortable betting because there is a fear of being arrested by the police.

But even though cockfighting gambling is strictly prohibited in Indonesia. It doesn’t make gamblers stop betting because there are already online cockfighting games available, which can be played via internet cafes or smartphones. It’s even safer to play online so you don’t have to be afraid of being raided by the police.

For those of you who are still beginners who don’t understand how to play cockfighting online. Here I will tell you that playing online and in person there is a big difference. Which is where if you play online there are some terms that don’t exist in land gambling. Immediately below I will explain it to you:

Complete Guide to Playing Online Cockfighting Gambling
To be able to play cockfighting online, of course, you must have an account on an online cockfighting gambling site. To find the site, you don’t need to be confused because there are already many online gambling sites that you can search through Google. If you have found a trusted online betting website, then make sure again that the website has collaborated with one of the best providers, namely S1288. Because if the site has collaborated with the provider, it is certain that the site is safe and to make a deposit is also cheap, with only 25,000 you can already bet.

Playing cockfighting gambling online and on land, there are differences that you must understand before playing. That is, where when playing online there are types of bets or some terms in the game, there are also odds that you must understand. You can understand it here easily because we have summarized it so that you can understand easily. Alright, let’s just discuss some of the types of bets found in this real money gambling game.

Types of Cockfighting Bet
1. Bet There is

For this type of bet, Meron is a pair of chicken bets that are in the red corner. This betting system is also very simple if you place a bet on the Meron Chicken and the Meron Chicken wins within 10 minutes then you will be considered a winner. But if the Meron chicken loses before the game time runs out, you will lose.

2. Bet None

Next is the early bet or bet on the blue corner. For this betting system, it is the same as the Meron bet, where if the chicken wins in the match, you are declared a winner. but lose before the time runs out then all the bets you place will lose.

3.BDD Betting

BDD is an abbreviation of both death draw, which means that if before the 10 minutes of the match runs out but the two chickens cannot compete again or both chickens die, it will be declared BDD. So for anyone who has placed a bet on wala or meron the bet will be returned.

4.FTD Bet

The last one is the FTD or Full Time Draw bet, which means that neither of the two chickens dies or loses within 10 minutes. Then the match is declared FTD, all bets including BDD or Meron and even though will be considered lost.

The explanation above is several types of cockfighting bets. If you already understand all the types of bets, then you should understand some other terms, which are as follows:

Some Term Names and Their Functions
HackFight: Hackfight is a free-to-play cockfighting battle where anyone can register and place bets.
Derby Match: The purpose of the derby match is a cock match between the two teams where the winner will be seen which team wins the most.
Scales: This term is where the competing chickens will be weighed first.
Live Screen: A live screen which has the function of viewing the ongoing cockfighting match. And you can also set the screen size so that it can be fullscreen or normal.
Betting Panel: This betting panel is a menu that you can use to place bets and can also choose the types of odds available in the cockfighting game. And you can also see the profiles of the two chickens that will compete
History: You must have played online casino baccarat and there is also a history that serves to view your betting history. This also applies to this game. In this history you can see all the course of the match and the history of the bets that you have placed before.
Above are some terms that you should know if you want to play this real money bet. If you already know, then the next thing is that there is one more thing you should know before I tell you powerful tips for playing cockfighting gambling. That is, you have to know the calculation of the odds in this game. which is below:

Odds Count and Payouts
+1.00: For this odds calculation, if you place a bet of RP.200,000. And if you win this bet, you will receive a total payment of IDR 400,000 including the initial capital that you installed.

+0.90: If you place a bet at this odds of IDR 100,000 and then you win on this bet then you will get paid IDR 190,000 including the bet you placed.

-0.90 : For these odds, it is a little more in your favor, which is a calculation like this. you place a bet of RP.100,000 and if you manage to win on this bet then you will be paid Rp.100,000. However, if you lose, you will only pay Rp. 90,000.

1:6 : the last and also the highest payout in the cockfighting gambling game where the payment count is like this: You place a bet of RP.200,000 and if you win it will be multiplied by 6 on your initial bet.

The review above is a guide to playing online cockfighting gambling that is correct and you must learn. And if you have understood all the guidelines above, we will also not forget to provide powerful tips to always win that you can apply when playing this chicken bet.

Some cockfighting tips so that it is always true
1.In this online cockfighting game, of course, we have to bet with real money. So you have to properly prepare enough capital to play and also have a winning target that you must achieve in this game.

2. Furthermore, if the target of winning you want has been achieved, try to stop playing. Don’t push yourself too much to keep betting. It’s better that you have to withdraw funds first in order to keep the winning money that you have achieved.

3. Understand the terms and types of bets that we have explained above before. Because if you understand it, it will help you when playing and when placing bets, it will be better and more correct.

4. Before playing it would be better for you to always look at the game history board first. You have to see how the previous match went. So if you have seen it, it will help you to predict bets that can bring you victory.

5. Expand the experience of playing cockfighting gambling so that you can more easily arrange the actions that must be taken in every condition that occurs in the game.

Well, enough of this article that discusses how to play cockfighting online. Hopefully this article can help you, especially those who are still beginners, so that they can win bets easily. And thank you for taking your time to read this review to the end. As well as other online gambling articles. Hello Hockey!!